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What People Are Saying...

Daryl K.

Easton, PA

“When I first came I was unable to do some of the most basic tasks with my shoulder. At the end of my time here I was able to do far more than I thought possible.” 

Anita B.

Phillipsburg, NJ

“I had trouble walking, sitting, dressing, and sleeping before PT.  Everyone at Robbins was so nice and friendly. But even more important was the knowledge and experience of the therapists. I am now almost back to normal (for me) and am very grateful to all who helped me along the way back to health. Thank you!” 

Ed W.

Lebanon, NJ

“I came to Robbins Rehab because of hip pain. I had trouble doing the work Joe gave me. I was sore but Joe encouraged me to work through it. I am so happy that I am now out of pain. Thank you to all at Robbins Rehab. Holly, Joe, Taylor, Tom.” 

Who Are We?

My name is Todd Robbins and I own Robbins Rehabilitation East. You are here because you have pain that you are sick and tired of and I want to help you. So….

We are offering free healthcare! Right now you can get an initial evaluation from a Doctor of Physical Therapy at all three of our offices. I really want to tell you more about it and how it can help you out because that is what we do for a living here. 

When it comes to pain there isn’t a one size fits all answer. Every single one of our thousands of patients we have helped over the past 16 years has been unique because everybody has a different BODY.  That is why we perform an individualized initial evaluation on all of our patients.

Our Team

Our Team

Now, You probably didn't know that the same practice making this offer has won tons of awards for excellence and is rated 9.9/10 by its patients upon their discharge from care. We don’t like to brag but I have an amazing team of therapists ready to help you reach your goals.

We have worked with patients for years but we want to help even more. The number one problem that I see with people in pain is that they don’t know what decision to make next so they continue to suffer in pain.  

Do I go to the doctor? 

Do I take drugs? 

How much will this cost? 

Do I give up? 

It can be hard to make a decision!

I want to help everyone living in pain cure this “paralysis by analysis” and just offer our evaluation for free!

The #1 Question I get About This Offer Is:

“Why is it free? I have never heard of free healthcare!”

Let me tell you why.

Now that hospitals have bought most of the doctors and their advertising is all we see, it is harder for me to get patients' attention and  show them how Award Winning PT works. You see physical therapy isn’t the same wherever you go. If you want more information on why we are different, see our graphics below.

That is the reason we are offering this evaluation for free. I am trying to lower the barriers of entry to healthcare for our community. 

All you need to do is put your information in our form and we will call to schedule your appointment in 24 hours or less. If you want to call right now to schedule then you click the button below:

The only catch is this: Because the free evaluation has become popular, I can only keep so many appointment spots available with our therapists for free. If you want to guarantee your spot ASAP, you need to call us.  

We will be calling people who want free healthcare in the order they submit the form so fill it out now and Kianna will give you a ring. 

I am really excited to help as many people as possible get answers and stop living in pain. I cant wait to see you in the clinic. 

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